The who, the why and the what...

We are a group of professionals who enjoy creating Information Technology solutions. We have developed solutions in the form of software, network redesigning, server implementations, network operations design, embedded hardware designs, consultation and just about anything else that anyone has asked of us on the field of IT.

We believe every task and system can be simplified by applying Information Technology tools. We have helped people across various domains like education, waste processing, process automation, enterprise resource planning, manufacturing, media groups, religious organizations etc process their data faster, more efficiently and build effective decision making systems.

Things We Do

Though we have experience in a lot of fields, the following are a few that we feel will give you an idea of what we are capable of.

  • Software Design and Coding
  • Embedded Systems Coding
  • Media Streaming and delivery
  • Mobile App development
  • Support for Linux Systems

A Few Accomplishments

We've been there done that! Below are a few honourable mentions...

Bio Medical Waste Management System

Designed, coded and deployed a complete bio-medical waste management system right from customer registration to waste disposal and billing. The system processes a few thousand records a day and the database stores over 3,000,000 unique records.

Fee Collection and reporting System

Designed, coded and deployed a Fee collection and reporting system for an A grade accredited university. We are now adding features like bank reconciliation, scholarship management etc to the software. The system processes fee of thousands of students across hundreds of colleges under it.

Media delivery across the world

Configured and deployed a complete end to end media delivery system for a religious organization. Right from ingestion of the video in our servers to delivery over the Internet on websites, our own STBs, ROKU boxes and mobile platforms, we have managed to cover it all.


Designed, coded and commissioned a complete Enterprise Resource Planner for a Dubai based Manufacturing company. Modules of the ERP include Manufacturing, Inventory, Human Resource, Accounts, Purchase, Sales, Employee section, Packaging, Shipping etc. Advanced features like OTP based approval system, Follow-up system for customers, suppliers and employees, Dashboard for birds-eye view and availability of reports in xls, pdf and print form are also part of the package. The system is web based and can be accessed over multiple platforms.

Energy Consultation

We are consultants for the software side of energy. We deal primarily with Solar and Wind energy projects but have also dabbled in energy monitoring on the consumption side. We have created programs for monitoring of Energy Generation Plants and hooked up our software with different types of SCADA devices from various manufacturers for a consolidated view of the plant performance.

T-Med Healthcare

Designed, coded and commissioned a complete portal for customers of a medical pathalogy testing company in Pune. This is a portal for customers to register themselves and order pathalogy, ECG, Lipid profile etc tests from the convenience of their own homes. The system also has an administration panel that allows the admin to view all bookings and allocate resources accordingly. A billing and invoice system is embedded into the framework for customers to view their invoices. This is a responsive application and can be viewed from any platform.

Budding 9

Designed, coded and commissioned a complete portal for pregnant mothers for their care and monitoring. This portal has a separate login based panel for patients, doctors and admin. Features includes Antenatal Card creation by doctors for their patients, water intake monitoring, Blood sugar level, Blood pressure, baby kicks and weight monitoring, alerts for investigation, appointment booking system, personal diary, music player for yoga, upload feature for reports and many other helpful tools for those 9 months. This responsive app can be accessed from a smart phone, tablet, pc or laptop by patients and doctors alike. Patients can also do online payments from their phones through this app.

Contact Us

Whether you want a software to be developed or a service to be installed, a server to be commissioned or a network to be setup, we will help you make the best of your resources. We also do facility management, linux/unix setup, maintenance and turn-key projects. Please contact us for your IT needs using the form below.